In these publications you’ll find the workings of our organization. They contain the research, measurements, analysis and planning that helps us reflect on the past and plan for the future. They also reflect our commitment to being open and accountable to you. You can view previous edition of our publications in the archived publication section or read our current newsletter.

BCSA 10-Year Strategy Cover

BCSA 10-Year Strategy

BC Safety Authority is taking a comprehensive, knowledge-based approach to safety oversight.





BCSA Business Plan 2014-2016

In support of our 10-Year Strategy, our Business Plan outlines our objectives for the next three years.



BCSA Annual Report 2012

The Annual Report measures our annual performance against our Business Plan targets.

State of Safety 2012 Cover

State of Safety Report 2012

The State of Safety Report summarizes a year of research and data. It helps us to understand safety trends and apply our experience to areas of changing risk.


Client Satisfaction Survey 2011

Client Satisfaction Survey 2011

The Client Satisfaction Survey is conducted yearly to determine ways to better serve our clients by monitoring our performance in key areas.