Construction/Personnel Hoist/Car Switch Operator Certificate

There are a number of steps to getting your elevating qualification.

Apply for your Elevating Certificate of Qualification using the Application for Elevating Devices Operating Certificate Form 312.

You will take your exam after being approved to write based on requirements, then we’ll send a confirmation letter with the terms and conditions for your certificate.

Contractor licence exam

There are a number of steps to getting your elevating licence.

First you’ll have an interview and a qualification review with BCSA Safety Manager responsible for this area.

Next, you’ll sit an exam that tests your knowledge of the elevating codes and regulations for the particular licence class you’ve applied for. You can use code books in your exam.

We’ll contact you to arrange your interview and written exam once you’ve applied for your Application for Elevating Devices Operating Certificate Form 312.

Your application will take approximately 2 weeks to process from the date you submited it. Once you’ve satisfied the interview and exam requirements, we’ll send a confirmation letter with the terms and conditions for your licence. Your licence will follow this letter.

Train the Trainer Program

To ensure a smooth transition period into the Elevating Devices Certification Program we are asking all industry contractors to select a Liaison person (or two) to act as a point person for the program with BCSA.

This person will be responsible for:

  • Attending the 3 Train-the-Trainer sessions during the Transition Year
  • Training their employees on the EDMC program, the application process, the skills passport and continuing education.
  • Compiling and Submitting applications for all employees
  • Mentoring employees

This system will allow each contractor to:

  1. Smoothly transition their workforce into the program by ensuring all worker applications have their progress tracked.
  2. Ensure that all mechanics and mechanics in training are ready to work and certified as of the Transition Period end date June 30th, 2014
  3. Have an in-house trainer with direct access to materials and hands-on-knowledge about the certification process.

Train-the-Trainer Sessions:

May-June 2013Application Process
August 2013          
Education Requirements

- Lower Mainland (Class A only) - August 12, 13, 14 held at the BCSA New Westminster office from 8:30 am to noon
- Lower Mainland (Class C & H) - August 15 held at the BCSA New Westminster office from 8:30 am to noon
- Victoria (Class A & H) - August 20 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, location TBD
- Kelowna (Class A & H) - August 22 from 9:00 am to noon, location TBD

November 2013Skills Passport

Train-the-Trainer Downloads

Program Outlines

Class A Program Outline
Class C Program Outline
Class H Program Outline

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Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification


New Resource - In 2014, BCSA will begin to distribute the Skills Passports to registered Mechanics-in-Training, Elevating Mechanics who have Grandparented and Elevating Mechanics who have passed their certification exam. To learn more about your Skills Passport, see the “About your Skills Passport” document on the  Skills Passport web page.

Application deadline for Class A, C & H Challenge and Granted Pathways is December 31, 2013. All applications must be received by the deadline. If your application is missing essential documents, please submit your application by the deadline with an attached letter specifying the documents that are missing and when you anticipate being able to submit them to BCSA.

Applications open on January 1, 2014 for Class MR Grandparenting mechanics, Class MR Granted mechanics and Class A, C and H Mechanics-in-Training.

The Elevating Devices Certification Program was launched on July 1, 2013. The program has been developed in collaboration with the elevating devices industry. The goal of this program is to establish consistent certification standards in order to improve safety throughout the industry.

BCSA will be transitioning the BC elevating industry into the program over a 1 year period: July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

Key Dates

July 1, 2013Applications for Grandparenting, Challenge and Granted Pathways - Open
October 1, 2013Applications closed for the Grandparenting Pathway
December 31, 2013Applications closed for the Challenge and Granted Pathways
January 1, 2014Mechanic-in-Training applications open & exams begin
June 30, 2014Transition Period ends

View the EDMC update Power Point Presentation from the May 2nd, 2013 Contractor Meeting that includes the transition period timeline.

As of July 1, 2014, all individuals working as mechanics in the elevating industry must be certified mechanics or registered as Mechanics-in-Training.


Individuals may apply to be certified as an Elevating Mechanic or Mechanic-in-Training in the following classes:

Application Pathways

Application pathways vary according to the Class but may include one or more of the following:

  • Grandparenting,
  • Challenge,
  • Granted, or
  • Mechanic-in-Training.

Click on the Class links above for more information on the pathways available and the associated requirements.

Safety Order: Hydraulic Elevators - Griffin controllers

Notification of 2012, 2013 and 2014 Fee Changes for Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Refrigeration, Electrical, Elevating Devices and Gas

Date of notification: May 25, 2012

From January to May 2012, BC Safety Authority has been consulting with clients and stakeholders on the proposed fee changes for 2012-2014. To all that participated in the consultation process, we want to express our appreciation for your interest, time and insight. After reviewing the findings of the consultation process, BC Safety Authority has decided to move forward with the following fee changes:

• 2012: A 3% fee increase effective August 27, 2012
• 2013: A 3% fee increase effective January 1, 2013
• 2014: A 3% fee increase effective January 1, 2014

Following a review of the structures electrical and elevating devices fees, revised electrical fee schedules and elevating devices fee schedules are in effect as of April 15, 2013. These fees are within the 3% increase described above.

As 2013 fees are currently in effect, please see below for the current fee schedules that reflect the impact of this consultation.

Boiler Fee Schedule
Electrical Fee Schedule (effective April 15, 2013)
Elevating Devices Fee Schedule (effective April 15, 2013)
Gas Fee Schedule

Fee consultation final report

Read the Fee Setting Consultation 2012-2014 Final Report

For additional information and/or clarification, please contact:
Frank Do, Leader, Stakeholder Engagement
Email: feecomments@safetyauthority.ca
Phone: 778-396-2049
Fax: 778-396-2064