Elevating safety order: Firefighters key switch

Elevating directive: Use of jumpers

Elevating Devices Internal Cab Modernization

Personnel Hoist and/or Construction use Elevator Operator Certificates

There are a number of steps to getting your elevating qualification.

Apply for your Elevating Certificate of Qualification using the Application for Elevating Devices Operating Certificate Form 312.

You will take your exam after being approved to write based on requirements, then we’ll send a confirmation letter with the terms and conditions for your certificate.


If you plan to operate a construction elevator or a personnel hoist for the purpose of raising or lowering individuals, materials or both, you’ll need a Certificate of Qualification first.

To get this certificate, you’ll need 21 hours of training from a licensed personnel hoist contractor for the personnel hoist certificate. Construction elevator certificate does not require 21 hours of training.  Please contact 1-866-566-7233 to find your nearest licensed personnel hoist contractor.

To get your certificate you’ll also need to pass the elevating device Certificate of Qualification exam. To begin this certification process, submit the Elevating Devices Operator Certificate of Qualification Application Form 312 to any BCSA office.

When you pass the exam we’ll mail a certificate that is valid for one year. You’ll receive notification to renew the certificate for it to remain valid.