Passenger Ropeways

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BC Safety Authority issues directives to provide important interpretations of the regulations.

Those involved in installing, operating or maintaining passenger ropeways must comply with the interpretations provided in the directives.

Information Bulletins

Information bulletins provide helpful information and clarification on issues that affect people in the passenger ropeways sector.

Safety Orders

BC Safety issues safety orders to prevent or reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to property. Safety orders indicate the people involved in reducing these risks, the work or product that requires action, and the steps to take. Compliance is mandatory.

Passenger Ropeways Inspections

Passenger Ropeways fees changed April 1, 2014

New fee schedule effective April 1, 2014. Read the consultation results on the fee change for Passenger Ropeways.

For more information on your construction or acceptance inspection, see installation permits.

If you recently had an inspection of your passenger ropeway that identified non-compliances, you must confirm that you have taken action to rectify the situation by completing a Passenger Ropeways Information System Confirmation of Correction of Non-Compliances Form 1000.

Please send your form to BCSA’s New Westminster office to the attention of the Amusement Devices Administrator.