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29 November 2013

Six recipients to be honoured for safety excellence at BC Safety Authority’s Lieutenant Governor Safety Awards

New Westminster, BC, November 29, 2013—Six recipients representing multiple technology sectors... Read More

14 November 2013

Six recipients announced for BC Safety Authority’s Lieutenant Governor Safety Award

New Westminster, BC, November 14, 2013—Six recipients from multiple technology... Read More

29 October 2013

Final Approval Granted for Limited Scope Electrical Work Practitioner Training Program

New Westminster, BC, October 29, 2013—BC Safety Authority (BCSA) today announced that the... Read More

23 October 2013

BC Safety Authority Warns of Uncertified Riske Creek Trailers

New Westminster, BC, October 23, 2013—British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) today issued a... Read More

25 September 2013

Limited Scope Electrical Work Practitioner Training Program Recognition Update

New Westminster, BC, September 25, 2013—The association for Applied Science Technologists and... Read More

29 July 2013

BC Safety Authority takes 48 enforcement actions in the first half of 2013

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has taken 48 enforcement actions against contractors, equipment... Read More

24 May 2013

Gas and electrical equipment safety in floods

Recent, unseasonably high temperatures have many areas of the province preparing for higher than... Read More

14 May 2013

Tech Talk Videos: 2012 Changes to the Canadian Electrical Code - Part 1

BC Safety Authority is excited to announce that our popular Electrical Tech Talks on key changes... Read More

8 May 2013

Babine Investigation Report – BC Safety Authority Statement

BCSA’s primary concern is safety. We take our safety responsibilities very seriously and this is... Read More

7 May 2013

Lakeland Mills Investigation Report & Safety Order


BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has completed its investigation into... Read More

24 April 2013

Update: ASTTBC Request for Recognition of Training for Limited Scope Electrical Workers

In 2011, BC Safety Authority was asked to provide recognition of training programs administered... Read More

13 February 2013

BC Safety Authority takes 129 enforcement actions in 2012

During 2012, BC Safety Authority (BCSA) took 129 enforcement actions against contractors,... Read More

15 January 2013

BC Safety Authority releases recommendations following investigation into Babine Forest Products explosion and fire

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) today released a recommendations report on its investigation into the... Read More

29 November 2012

BC SAFETY AUTHORITY UPDATE: Babine Forest Products & Lakeland Mills investigations

The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) continues to conduct independent investigations into the Babine... Read More

1 October 2012

BC Safety Authority warns against unsafe gas work

The British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) is calling on homeowners, businesses, building and... Read More

3 July 2012

Gas and electrical equipment safety in floods

There are serious gas and electrical safety implications to consider if you are living or... Read More

13 June 2012

BC Safety Authority conducts annual public meeting

The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) held its... Read More

16 April 2012

Proposed fee increases for 2012-2014

The BC Safety Authority is inviting feedback on a proposed weighted increase of 3% each year... Read More

26 March 2012

BC Safety Authority takes 195 enforcement actions in 2011

A total of 195 enforcement actions were taken by the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) against... Read More

1 February 2012

2011 Incident Report – Babine Forest Products

The BC Safety Authority has made public this... Read More