New Safety Alternatives for Owners and Operators of Regulated Equipment

Alternative Safety Approaches fees changed April 1, 2014

New fee schedule effective April 1, 2014. Read the consultation results on the fee change for Alternative Safety Approaches.

Technology should also serve safety. But what do you do if the technology available to you just doesn’t seem to fit with safety regulations that have been there for quite some time? Do you have technology that seems to outpace regulations? Do you see safety beyond the prescriptive requirements and regulations?

Then you may want to consider the Alternative Safety Approaches or ASA.

An alternative safety approach is an innovative way of achieving safety that is acceptable under the Safety Standards Act. It is an approach that gives owners and operators of regulated equipment flexibility in managing safety. The approach treats safety as an integrated whole instead of simply complying with a series of prescriptive requirements.

ASA Consultation

In developing the manuals and processes to support the ASA, BC Safety Authority conducted a series of consultations with stakeholders to gain insight and input into the program.

Options Under Alternative Safety Approaches

There are two options available under the Alternative Safety Approaches Regulation:

  • A safety management plan which is a broad approach and applies to the safety of an entire facility.
  • An equivalent standard approach which applies to one aspect of an installation or operation.

Alternative Safety Approaches Application Submission Process

Please follow these steps if you are submitting an Alternative Safety Approaches application package:

  1. Read the Alternative Safety Approaches Backgrounder (MAN 4033-00) document.
  2. Decide if you are submitting an Equivalent Standard Approach* or a Safety Management Plan** Approach. The Alternative Safety Approaches Process Overview (MAN 4035-00) document will guide you in deciding which approach best suits your needs.
  3. Once you have decided on the approach, please review the Alternative Safety Approaches Safety Management Plan Application Guide (MAN 4034-02) when completing Alternative Safety Approaches Application Form (FRM-1356-00) and the Certificate of Insurance Form 1353.

*Note: If you are submitting an Equivalent Standard Approach, please refer to the Alternative Safety Approaches Equivalent Standard Approach Application Guide (MAN 4042-01) document.

**Note: If you are submitting a Safety Management Plan, please refer to the Alternative Safety Approaches Safety Management Plan Guide (MAN 4032-00) document.

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