Gas Design Registration

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Design Registration for Uncertified Gas Equipment and Systems

If you intend to build a new piece of gas equipment or bring one into BC from outside the province that is NOT certified by a recognized Canadian testing agency. And if you are re-designing, or modifying a gas appliance or control system, you must have the product or system registered before you begin.

If your system does not fall within the application types listed below, please call the administrator or your local Gas Safety Officer for direction.

Here is the process to submit a design registration for a new gas appliance, equipment or system:

  1. Complete the appropriate applicaiton for gas design registration and submit it with the proper documentation to BCSA office or electronically to the Administrator Equipment Approvals and Certification.
  2. Once the design registration is approved, a design registration journal number is issued. The journal number is required to obtain a product approval permit (Form 500). This product approval permit must be applied for to field approve the appliance or system. 
  3. Your gas contractor will have an installation permit in place before the work is done. The gas contractor will ensure that the appliance or system is tested and safely installed, while working with the local Safety Officer.

Design Submission Applications

For more information on what documentation is required for your design submission, please download the appropriate form:


Registration Form for Industrial Equipment, Control Change or Upgrade
Registration Form Digester and Landfill Facilities

Commerical and Residential:

Registration Form Gas Appliances for which there is a recognized standard
Registration Form for Custom Fireplaces

Special Effects:

Registration Form Theatrical and Movie Effects

Utilities Only:

Registration Form for Vertical Subdivisions

Fueling Stations:

Registration Form Fueling Station CNG
Registration Form Hydrogen or LNG Fueling Stations and Bulk Storage Plants
Registration Form Propane Fueling Stations and Bulk Storage Plants

Contact Us

For more information or questions, please contact:

Administrator Equipment Approvals and Certification
Engineering Department
BC Safety Authority
505 6th Street, Suite 200
New Westminister, BC
V3L 0E1